2008 Mitsubishi Pajero Deserts and Cape York Expeditions


Coen to Archer River

Well what a run - just so many changes in the vegetation and soil types all shown by the termite mounds and so many friendly people - every time we stopped for pix someone stopped to ask if we were OK and there is 'noone here' at the moment. Great trip and the car just laps it up - if you want to 'do the trip' and do it easily - simple - buy a Pajero!

Archer R Roadhouse moonrise oooohhh aaaah Coen downtown Coen to Archer R corrugations no worries for the Pajero
Coen to Archer R Roadhouse cream cathedral termite mound Coen to Archer R Roadhouse Granite Boulder Coen to Archer R Roadhouse red termite mound

Archer River - Cape Yoke Tip - Jacky Jacky Creek

After Leaving the Archer R camp we made it all the way to the TIP via Injanoo and Bamaga, Loyalty and Seisia beaches and the back to Jackey Jackey Creek to camp for the night. Here we were alone at an incredible campsite when I thought we would have to fight our way in but every one is saying that 'all the tourists' stopped coming weeks ago when it got hot! Wusses! But thanks anyhow! Take care. len and neville :-)


angry but well fed Black-headed Python Archer R to Jackey Jackey Creek 430 Jardine Ferry
Loyalty beach Marking his territory! Moth
Red dirt country sorry about the dirty car! the crowd of little people
the little one - mound I mean! the long and winding, the long and winding still
Wenlock R Kurrajong Flower  

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