2008 Mitsubishi Pajero Deserts and Cape York Expeditions


Jacky Jacky Creek - Morton Telegraph Station

Well what a run - just so many changes in the vegetation and soil types all shown by the termite mounds and so many friendly people - every time we stopped for pix someone stopped to ask if we were OK and there is 'noone here' at the moment. Great trip and the car just laps it up - if you want to 'do the trip' and do it easily - simple - buy a Pajero!

bring 'em on! bring more on! Cockatoo creek turtle
eats another crossing frilled lizard Fruit Bat falls
Fruit Bat falls massage heathlands in dirty,
in dirty and splashes in dirty and washed clean after Cape York wash!! Jackey Jackey Ck frog
Jackey Jackey Ck pitcher plant Jardine croc area - pick it! more long and winding
the only good cane toad is a dead one - especially in position 42 Twin Falls  
  so many cruising throughs  







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