2008 Mitsubishi Pajero Deserts and Cape York Expeditions


Morton Telegraph Station to Weipa

Weipa! Red, red and more red and then the greenish sea. Mining town and the Traditional Owners - wow. Much one could say. the burning off of the veg is incredible and so 'traditional' as Jimmy Cook described. Here overnight - no mine tours available but thems the breaks! Take care, Len and Neville. :-)

en route to Weipa en route to Weipa and 'that' won't put it out Len! here comes the trucker on the long and winding!
Moreton Tele Stn feral cattle - maybe we should catch them and sell them Moreton Tele Stn frog Moreton Tele Stn spider
something the Pajero won't eat    

We had a bit of R & R and got the backups done etc etc and then a beach walk this morning after 'an emergency' last night with parachute flare reporting etc. Off today to maybe Mapoon and then to Iron Range NP. Take care. :-)

Nanum Beach Weipa Nanum Beach Weipa Nanum Beach Weipa
Flare types  I hope the idiots who set these off on the beach starting an emergency are stuck at sea someday! Nanum Beach Weipa
Nanum Beach Weipa    




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