2008 Mitsubishi Pajero Deserts and Cape York Expeditions


Across Cape York

Today we crossed Cape York from west to east and marvelled at the changes in soil colours, vegetation types and the termite mound types and presences and absences. We had a few river/creek crossings and helped out a broken down group etc etc but was a good day even though we didn't get to do the Weipa tour of town and mine - next time! The slow leaking tyre will test our repair abilities in the morning as we only got to Chilli Beach at dark. Tomorrow - the beach and then heading south. The Grey Swiftlets coming into the island off the beach reminded me of the insect swarms in the Coorong in January. Take care. Len and neville :-)

As Lt Cook said - fires constantly burning As Lt Cook said - fires constantly burning Boys have to have fun and wash the car!
Chilli Beach destruction of foreshore by coconut palms Iron Range Plains Nevs Niche just south of the Pascoe Crossing
On Frenchmans Track to iron range Pascoe Crossing The Wenlock Crossing
  Nevs Frilled Dragon - really Frilled - honest!  

After a good sleep in the gale at Chille beach we 'did' the Lochart area and headed south. I was concerned with the crocodile bite injuries to Neville but I was able to get to the croc and fight it off before it got tangled in too many hairs on his leg. Portland Roads has become a delightful little stop with a cafe that sells real coffee and dinner by appointment! It would be fabulous to see a Cassowary but I suspect as we wait until we 'breakfast with the birds' at Rainforest Habitat in Port Douglas. Take care.

We wish New interp signs at Iron range Airport - amazing stories Lapwing at Portland Roads
Chilli Beach crocodile attacks Neville or maybe it was a gecko Chilli Beach collection  




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