2008 Mitsubishi Pajero Deserts and Cape York Expeditions


Lochart to Cape Melville

The harshness and risks of being out in our bush reality smacked me in the face at Cape Melville. I drove into a GPS point with a scale map that didn't show us full detail and we headed into a salt pan area following tracks and bloop! Next morning after we had almost got it out ourselves we were winched out by a couple of fab blokes Allan (and son
Jack) and Rick from Airlie. A major wash down and we headed for home via Lakefield and are now in Cooktown all well and secure with the washing done. Fortunately no major damage (a few scratches to the car) except Len's thinking! Now onto the infamous Daintree Road and Port Douglas tonight. I am constantly impressed by the Pajero's capability to handle all situations and in so much comfort but the economy makes others look in envy. Take care. :-)


Bathurst Hd, Bathurst Hd, Cape Melville - Cooktown 448
Don't park too long the magnetic termites attract the car and eat it Old Laura Lakefield 205
Lakefield Bridge My most stupid act - driving late at night tired and following tracks The rescuers
Pink Lilly Lagoon Sweetwater Lagoon Lakefield Sweetwater Lagoon Lakefield
Sweetwater Lagoon Lakefield Sweetwater Lagoon Lakefield Sweetwater Lagoon Takeoff
Bathurst head bullsh oops bushie!   Bathurst Road




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