2008 Mitsubishi Pajero Deserts and Cape York Expeditions


Cooktown to Port Douglas

Well today we 'did' the infamous Daintree Road and it was surprisingly 'difficult' after the Cape roads and mud! Well not really but it is fun to spread rumours! Lunch at the Lions Den Hotel was a buzz - although it has become somewhat developed after its more primitive state last time I was there. Please note all Zells that we have established a Zell site in the NE corner of the pool table area!! Good luck if you can find it.
Breakfast with the birds at Rainforest Habitat here in Port in the morning and then onto Townsville for Neville to catch a 10pm flight to be met by bro Jim in Brisbane at some late hour - thanks Jim. Take care. :-)


Cooktown Black Mountain Cooktown Jimmy Cook's camp site For Sarah and Co
/If you had been in LA with Madeleine and Eden and Len you would understand! Lions Den Zell site for all Zells to fill! Lions Den Zell site for all Zells to fill! Wide shot to locate!
Port Douglas and the beers were cold too   Sweet train
Doing it in real style at Port Douglas 437   Cooktown Museum sunbird




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