2008 Mitsubishi Pajero Deserts and Cape York Expeditions


Arid Lands Festival and Camel Endurance Race at Hughenden.



Yo Bro - wanna race? the Flying Camels ladies team Melanie from Canada
Paddy McHugh even tho they went for 120 kms
 they were all close for the top 5

Lee and Jo show it is not just the Eskimos
 who touch noses in greeting

Alex Timson - top camel Vet at prize giving

Alex and Donhna setting the standard at the concert



I am in love! The new Pajero exceeded all expectations - and it even tells me where to go! Went to Hughenden for the Inaugural Arid Lands Festival and Camel Endurance Race. Some great speakers, rewards for the photographers in the photo contest and the camel endurance race was inspiring in that the jockeys seemed to run as far as the camels did!

Great job by Paddy McHugh the organiser and his backup team and the local council.


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