2008 Mitsubishi Pajero Deserts and Cape York Expeditions


Boulia to the Birdsville Races.




 no worries if you have scroggin

Boulia to Birdsville gecko trying to grt into next Roadkill edition gibber plains
is scroggin a good name - gets you there and goes well Roads over dunes the Bedourie Pub
the Birdsville Pub - reflected in water - unusual why give way?  

Well Eden arrived yesterday - not today as I was expecting so we chased each other around Birdsville for some time until we found each other. We have explored all the shopping opportunities, had beers in the pub, pizza at the bakery and 'did' Big Red with 300 other people!!!  The Pajero sailed up first go with fully inflated tyres. It is amazing to see the water between the dunes and all the flowers out in the desert

Big Red crowds - this is our dangerous desert Scroggin on Big Red - up both side first try can't escape those windscreen cleaners even on Big Red
Birdsville Races Birdsville Races Birdsville Races
Birdsville Races Real horses this year. Race Track
Birdsville Pub There's a gutter under there egg daisy
Crocodile Dundess Diamantina Dawn plain daisy
dune crest Sturt Desert Pea Boots
desert weevil Self explanatory Desert Breath Test
Dunes and wet swale on edge of Simpson Desert Eden's Optus phone was in range of this test unit Races
  Desert Breath Testing  


Well Eden is getting used to the flies! - NOT. We had fun at the races yesterday and then went out to a local range for some dusk shots - sunset was a bit of a flop but dawn today was good. We leave now for Marree etc via the Birdsville Track so will be out of range for some time. if you don't hear from us in 10 days send in the cavalry!

The few showers over the last few days has encouraged the flies and settled a lot of the dust!

Take care and hopefully will be back on soon. Cheers len and Eden. :-)




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