2008 Mitsubishi Pajero Deserts and Cape York Expeditions


from birds to munga (translation: From Birdsville to Mungerannie)

birdsville to mugerannie eden drives a tom kruse truc edens comment
edens dingo edens emu edens kite
Hamilton Creek to Tibooburra Hamilton Creek to Tibooburra Mungerannie to Leigh Creek tele

munga to tibooburra
Mungerannie to Leigh Creek tele note the angle down that the Pajero ate on the way up queen of tibooburra
Hamilton Creek to Tibooburra sand duner sand duner
southern strez southern strez still looking
sturt stony desert Tirari Desert Almost LA
bulldust road conditions and repair works in white quartz gibber country
maybe i dont wannabe roadkill milparinka historical milparinka miscreant
milparinka miscreant more signs the remains of our dear darling
white cliffs opal diggings tibooburra family hotel turn off to broken hill
mugerannie loo it wasnt me honest eden the budding wildlife photographer
southern strez sand duner southern strez
  tibooburra hotel birdsville to mugerannie
  underground motel white cliffs black cypress again - almost home



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