2008 Mitsubishi Pajero Deserts and Cape York Expeditions


Miles, Chinchilla, Moura and Gladstone

What a week - from the central NSW coast I have been up to the Sunshine Coast, down to the Gold Coast, into Brisbane and seemingly everywhere in between as well as a bit of Toowoomba thrown in! All has been good catching up with friends and family and getting the new pix. The Pajero is amazing - cruising along and taking my constant stopping, U-turns etc into its stride and economy. I discovered a new light when its PMT or something came on - it is to do with particulate matter burn off in the exhaust keeping the environment clean - was soon out when  I was back on the road. I was thrilled to 'rediscover' Isla Gorge after 34 years - I could never remember what it was called or where it was at until I walked into it and whammy - the memories came flooding back. Off to Heron Island tomorrow to do some prelim work for the next edition of LP book 3rd  edition. I hope all goes well.  Len and Nancy :-)

and I thought they all had been Tac Ticced at Tambourine is this the one that poos on your head at Tambourine, This parrot sorry flying fox is deceased
Isla Gorge NP, Isla Gorge Hanging around at Mt Tambourine
Gladstone sunset  Fern at Mt Tambourine Dalby water usage
Coal mine near Moura - sell it to China so I can see the acid oceans effect come on Aussie come on Chincillans are celebrating the old but new liquer glasses at Buderim with Ian and Lesley
Bottle trees abound in some places. Biloela hay Beat this mailbox
as they drove into the sunset \who is this unmasked man what crop IS this?
What an entrance The only place in the world to revere an insect is here for getting rid of this Tambourine Crimson Rosella
Tambourine My first fruit and flowers of mistletoe Miles to NP sunsetting
Miles Scaley Breasteds at work Miles magnificent museum is well worth the 10 bucks each - and can I connectyou now Miles - but what species
Lonesome Creek Lightning strike has blown this one apart near Moura Leaheys Tunnel near Mt Tambourine
Isla Gorge NP spider Isla Gorge NP has em too Isla Gorge NP sunset



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