2008 Mitsubishi Pajero Deserts and Cape York Expeditions


Miles, Chinchilla, Moura and Gladstone

Well we made it back to Townsville and it has been a bit of a mad rush sorting out stuff and then thanks to Mitsubishi we are packed and ready to go to Cape York today. Neville arrived on Saturday night so has been great to have him around to help get ready. Heron Island was its usual stunning self although I stagger with how modified it is compared to 'untouched' cays. The terns, herons etc were all full at it and was too early for the Mutton Birds who arrive in the next month. The chopper flight over was great for aerials for the next books and an overview. On the road through the coal country was an incredible eye opener. We are moving so much coal out of this state it is astounding. No wonder the government is hesitant to slow it down or stop it - what a cash flow it must be! The Bowen River Pub and Burdekin Dam were great to see and visit. Hopefully I will be able to get some pix out to you now I have a mobile wireless system - also it ate all my emails from the inbox that were waiting for attention - oops - so if you have sent me an email that needs response in the last 8 weeks can you please send it again. Take care. :-)

Gladstone aerial - CO2 super producer Heron Is aerial Heron Beach
Heron Island Black or White-capped noddies Wistari Dive crabs in coral praying hands Wistari inside an oyster
A bit of a waste really! Thars a coal mine out there somewhere Squatter Pigeon
Road Works Make way we are coming through One every hour or so - dig it up asap boys!
and so it is Birri Country Banded Land Rail Beware shooters!
Bowen River Pub - GO THERE it is great Bug Butterfly Collinsville
Nebo Pub Burdekin Dam Duaringa to Collinsville 122
Creek camp at night Duaringa to Collinsville 300 Fishers Burdekin Dam outflow

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