(Veron 2000)

Characters: Colonies form hemispherical mounds or are openly branched. Branches are tall and upright, almost cylindrical in section, becoming flattened towards the tip. Verrucae are widely spaced, short and uniform. Outer branches are fused. Colour : Brown with white branch tips. Similar Species : Pocillopora capitata, which has regular branches and longer more irregular verrucae. See also P. verrucosa. At a distance, the species may resemble the non - seleractinian coral Heliopora. Habitat : Shallow reef environments and rocky foreshores.

 Abundance : Uncommon.

(Veron and Pichon, 1977)

Characters : Colonies have a branching growth-form. They may form compact hemispherical mounds or thickets over 2 mtrs across or occur as a few isolated branches. Corallites are monocentric or form short valleys. Walls are thick, rounded and smooth. Columella are absent. Tentacles are extended only at night. Colour : Grey green to brown. Similar species : Australogyra is similar to Platygyra in corallite structure but not in growth-form. Goniastrea ramosa has a similar appearance but is smaller and has paliform lobes. Habitat : Usually turbid waters around high islands or in reef lagoons 

Abundance : Uncommon




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