Aurora Expeditions Kimberley Coast expeditions

Our first expedition was from Darwin to Broome and the second from Broome and back to Broome providing a somewhat different perspective on each cruise. Having Mike Cusack (Australian Geographic - "Our Year in the Wilderness" fame with his wife Susan) as the Expedition Leader allowed me to partially get to know him and his leadership style - both a very pleasant experience. Aurora has a very easy and informative way of experiencing these places and we had several unusual opportunities to access parts of the Kimberley not seen by any of us (passengers, crew and Aurora staff ) before.

I was able to top up my photos for the book and learn even more about this incredible coast. Our guests were great fun and their constant challenging enquiry and interactions added tremendously to the trips. With the Humpback whales just getting back into the area we had some good sightings but only one good close photo opportunity on the second cruise. My new wide angle lens system led to some incredible new perspectives on many of the sites. Then to fly the whole coast from Broome to the Prince Regent River was a fabulous end to this year's time on this coast.


1Broome158 2aEnroute_Croc_Ck021 2bCroc_CreekEnroute_Croc_Ck013 2bCroc_CreekEnroute_Croc_Ck047 3bHorizFalls_&_Talbot_Bay018 3bHorizFalls_&_Talbot_Bay020 3bHorizFalls_&_Talbot_Bay084 3bHorizFalls_&_Talbot_Bay108 3bHorizFalls_&_Talbot_Bay124 3bHorizFalls_&_Talbot_Bay125 4a_Montgomery_Reef009 4a_Montgomery_Reef029 4a_Montgomery_Reef041 4a_Montgomery_Reef043 4a_Montgomery_Reef044 4a_Montgomery_Reef049 4a_Montgomery_Reef062 4a_Montgomery_Reef063 4a_Montgomery_Reef064 4a_Montgomery_Reef067 4b_Red_Cone_Ck019 4b_Red_Cone_Ck091 4b_Red_Cone_Ck096 4b_Red_Cone_Ck186 5a_Prine_Regent_R_&_Camp_Ckk006 5a_Prine_Regent_R_&_Camp_Ckk035 5a_Prine_Regent_R_&_Camp_Ckk044 5a_Prine_Regent_R_&_Camp_Ckk106 5a_Prine_Regent_R_&_Camp_Ckk180 5a_Prine_Regent_R_&_Camp_Ckk214 5a_Prine_Regent_R_&_Camp_Ckk269 6a_Bigge_Is_Gwion_Gwion188 6a_Bigge_Is_Gwion_Gwion228 6b_Bigge_Is_Wandjina061 6b_Bigge_Is_Wandjina064 6b_Bigge_Is_Wandjina069 7a_Mitchell_Falls009 7a_Mitchell_Falls021 7a_Mitchell_Falls037 7a_Mitchell_Falls063 7a_Mitchell_Falls105 7a_Mitchell_Falls212 7a_Mitchell_Falls224 7a_Mitchell_Falls290 7a_Mitchell_Falls339 7a_Mitchell_Falls345 8a_Camden_Hbr017 8a_Camden_Hbr064 8a_Camden_Hbr092 8b_Deception_Bay01 9a_Raft_Pt022 9a_Raft_Pt050 9a_Raft_Pt055 9a_Raft_Pt057 9a_Raft_Pt075 9a_Raft_Pt190 9a_Raft_Pt197 9a_Raft_Pt211 9a_Raft_Pt251 9b_Rankin_Island072 9b_Rankin_Island123 10a_Lacepede_islands022 10a_Lacepede_islands046 10a_Lacepede_islands083 10a_Lacepede_islands092 10a_Lacepede_islands097 10a_Lacepede_islands112 10a_Lacepede_islands121 10a_Lacepede_islands166 10bWhales1014



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