Lionwind - Great Barrier Reef

Another excellent Lionwind experience. I was shocked with the condition of the reefs like Elizabeth, that were so spectacular previously - made me think more about coastal runoff. Diving Just Magic is always a buzz. Another great opportunity to update my underwater pix in preparation for the next GBR book. Some reef walking on Hardy and at Haslewood Island was fantastic - for me and the guests and again more great pix for the book and lectures  


Elizabeth Reef The Pub 19Mar05 089 Elizabeth Reef The Pub 19Mar05 197 Hardy Reef Walk 21Mar05 (24) Hardy Reef Walk 21Mar05 (68) Hardy Reef Walk 21Mar05 (79) Just Magic Dives 18Mar05 008 Just Magic Dives 18Mar05 050 Just Magic Dives 18Mar05 135 Lionwind Mar05 096 Lionwind Sunset (3) Reef Walk Haslewood Is Mar05 (108)


Lionwind - Northern Great Barrier Reef

Weather caused us to limit our access to many of the desired sites but nonetheless we were able to get into some great spots. Around Lizard Island we dived in the best sites including the Cod Hole, Dynamite Pass and No-name bommies. We went to a few other special spots too. On our way north Wilson Reef was totally dead (the bleaching event in 2002?) and we found some great new spots. Great shark, manta ray, cuttlefish and aquarium-like reef spots were a feature of this trip. We got into Mr Walker's Caves on Tijou Reef and a few of the nearby top sites before heading further north to Bligh Reef and surrounds.




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