Orion Cruises - Cairns, Torres Strait, Cairns

This was the inaugural Orion cruise to Torres Strait from Cairns. Seven days of absolute luxury with some great people and visiting Creech Reef, Lizard Island, Poruma (Coconut Is), Thursday Island and other exotic spots.

This was a great opportunity to practice my lecturing skills and update my photography of these areas in preparation for the Wild Discovery Guide Great Barrier Reef which is in development. The tough part was having sunset drinks on Watson's Bay Beach on Lizard Island - always difficult to handle especially when you have to open your own champagne! I look forward to travelling to the Antarctic on a great ship with a fabulous crew.

Cairns - Coconut Is 257 Cape York Len 100 Lizard Is 062 Lizard Is 071 Lizard Is 131 Lizard Is 173 Lizard Is 509 Lizard Is 530 Poruma or Coconut Is 092 Poruma or Coconut Is 151 >




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