Takapuna – Fiji (Denerau to Brisbane)

This was a delivery that saw 8 days of sailing with fair winds and great crew. The kava roots on board ready to welcome guests or offer as a gift was an interesting contrast with the modern yacht around it. I met the marketing people from Sonaisali Resort but couldn’t take up their kind offer of a visit – great people. Also hoped to catch up with my University of South Pacific people but they were at a wedding.
As we left Fiji we stopped and watched the Globe surfing competition for an hour and it was awesome. As we sailed over the next few days the swells got bigger so the 5m waves we saw were just the beginning of some big times to come. We hooked up a few Mahi Mahi but released those that we got in close – too small for a feed.

The crew decided I was jinxed as they had never lost so many hook ups previously – I guess I don’t like seeing my fishy friends, especially the spectacular ones, flopping around on the deck! Once into Brisbane it was hard to adjust to walking on level ground after so many days heeling.

At sea (1) At sea (20) Brisbane (82) DSCN4590 Dubbo to Denarau Fiji 121 Dubbo to Denarau Fiji 131 Dubbo to Denarau Fiji 137 Dubbo to Denarau Fiji 139 Dubbo to Denarau Fiji 148 Dubbo to Denarau Fiji 154 Dubbo to Denarau Fiji 155 Takapuna 028 Takapuna 160 Takapuna 164 Takapuna 189 Takapuna 198 Takapuna Vertical Pano1




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