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Flinders Island Tasmania

Flinders Island in Bass Strait is 70km long and 40km wide and is the jewel in the crown of islands that surrounds Tasmania. This 146 page glossy and full colour book aims to stimulate your imagination – rather than satisfy your curiosity.

To achieve this, Wild Discovery Guides - Flinders Island Tasmania includes comprehensive maps from Tasmap in lavish combination with more than 350 photographs and information rich chapters on Geology, Climate, Weather, Oceanography, Major Habitats, Human History, Northern, Central and Southern Flinders Island, Safety and Planning and Plants and Animals Guides.

In addition, maps from the Flinders Council and the agencies they work with will alert you to the features that make this such a special island.

The reader can use a comprehensive index to quick find a subject, travel the island through this book or take this book to travel the island.
This publication will serve as an excellent guide to the island as well as a memorable gift to share with others.

The book has been designed to complement the efforts of the Flinders Island Tourism Association in their promotion of this superb holiday destination. Best for you the reader to go there, see it for yourself and then you will understand much much more.

Radio interview with Len Zell about Flinders Island.
Flinders Island - Australia - signed

An excellent guide to Flinders Island
Tasmania - Australia.

Flinders Island Introduction
North Flinders Island
Aerial East Coast