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Kimberley Coast - OUT OF PRINT - PDF Available

The Kimberley Coast is one of the largest coastal wilderness areas in the world.
The 168 pages and 300 brilliant images with six superb maps in this book allow your journey through this Coast to be much more enjoyable and better informed.
The essential guide for anyone cruising the spectacular The Kimberley Coast - North West Australia.

A satellite image of the region and 6 DOLA WA maps with more than 300 photographs lavishly illustrate all the icons of this coast.
Geology, climate, human history and trip notes are complemented by an index, boxed bits of hints, a photographic guide to common plants and animals and lavish illustration with lists of texts to read and important contacts. Don't go there without it.
Susan Kurosawa - "The Australian"

Zell says he was inspired to produce this well orgainised companion to the northwest of Western Australia after field guiding along the Kimberley coast for various operators.
Plants, animals, habitats and geology are covered, but there are a swag of touring tips, too.
The maps are particularly good and Zell shows off his considerable photographic skills to glossy advantage.
Kimberley Coast PDF Edition - by Len Zell ($25.00)

This is essential reading for anyone wanting to explore our last great wilderness : The Kimberley Coast of North West Australia.
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Kimberley Coast Contents
York Sound to Talbot Bay
Sandstone Sculptures