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This is the essential 'in-car' book for any road traveller in Australia. With about one million kilometres of road, anyone travelling them is, sadly, very likely to see or cause roadkill - certainly of the millions of small bugs that will be hit.
This book provides an overview of the types of roadkill, hints on what to do with them, how to clean bugs off the car and an eclectic mix of other information - from road safety to recipes.
In addition the book gives an unusual insight into the many aspects of Australia's very special fauna, albeit in a somewhat macabre way.

More than 200 photographs of roadkill, all allowing identification of the major animal groups and an excellent guide on how to avoid and observe roadkill and who to send interesting specimens or photographs to.

Roadkill was shortlisted for the Whitley Award for significant contribution to Australian zoology.
Roadkill is a modest book by Len Zell, who was at the time an Honorary Associate of the School of Environmental Sciences and Resource Management at the University of New England and is now an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at James Cook University in the School of Marine & Tropical Biology.

Roadkill runs to 102 pages but is packed with interesting stuff - particularly for the newbie roadkiller. But more seriously, this little book is packed with all sorts of useful (and some irreverent and funny) suggestions.

These include a definition and scope of the roadkill problem, how to avoid killing things as much as possible and, perhaps most importantly, and wise advice about what to do with roadkill and being aware of the worst case scenarios:
Road Kill- signed by Len Zell ($19.95)

ROADKILL - Australian Wildlife -signed
This is the essential 'in-car' book for any road traveller in Australia. ($19.95)

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