1999 Pandora  Expedition

To the Museum Full Research Details are available from the
Museum Of Tropical Queensland in Townsville.

Information gathered from :

"Pandora: an archaeological perspective" 
By Peter Gesner: ISBN 0 7242 4482 4
Queensland Museum
Expedition and Internet sources

Two very practical work vessels to house a team of 41, onsite, for a period of seven weeks. The wreck location is remote - at the top of Australia, away from any support facilities - the Expedition has to be fully self contained.

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A little surface activity on a rare calm day - a Seaplane visit by the Pandora Foundation major sponsor NORQEB.

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Dive crew changeover at the stern of the "Undersea Explorer".(above)

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Testing the dredging pumps. Note the Pacific ocean swell that moved the support vessels continuously during their stay onsite.

Substantial combination block/anchor fourpoint moorings are used to keep the "Pacific Conquest" above the wreck site.

Videographer/cameraman Len Zell in the "Pandora Expedition" uniform






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